Welcome to the Eye of the Storm

This site exists largely for one reason: I want to teach myself HTML.

So if you found this page, enjoy watching me build. There's not going to be much exciting on here. I might do a little philosophizing or write some serious stuff that I feel like putting up, but mostly I just intend to play and figure out how to do page building properly so I can earn myself more money.

Right now, I have one feature up, which is a list of links that will take you to columns by one of my favorite small-town writers, a woman named Minx McCloud.

Besides that, I have a page of links set up that will take you to writing I have done that I either value or admit with some embarrassment that I am responsible for. Plus a couple other miscellaneous sites I felt like including.

And there is a page dedicated to chronicling the adventures of my nephew Caleb. Caleb's an adventurous sort, as I'm sure you will agree once you see the actual page.

And still another section is devoted to a goofy story.

Oh, there's also a section of the web site devoted to the Harry Potter e-text. I'm only putting this link here so Google eventually will pick it up.

And lastly, here's a page where you can read my rants.

Otherwise, that's it.

And don't forget to visit CH Refugee, the official home of the multi-headed Antichrist and a gathering place for a bunch of loonies trying to figure out what it means to follow the Cross.


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