I've put up online a number of the skits I've written or been involved with as drama leader at Community Gospel Church. Assuming you were given this URL by me, you are free to use any of these that you want to. (I also can write others.) Unauthorized use is expressly forbidden.

  1. "The Apostle. A monologue about Good Friday, written with a twist ending, narrated by one of Jesus' apostles.
  2. "Mary." A monologue about Good Friday, narrated by Mary, Jesus' mother.
  3. "Who's the Boss?" An amusing three-part skit about the power struggles within families. (Features Frank and Gloria.)
  4. Christmas service. A ready-made Christmas service, performed by the drama team. Includes a skit, Christmas hymns, and lots of Scripture.
  5. "Masks." A monologue about the masks we wear to keep ourselves safe from other people, including those in church.
  6. "The Magi." A skit about two of the three wise men, their servants, and their discovery of the Star of Bethlehem. Written for Advent.
  7. "Truth in Advertising." A humorous skit about the lies we tell to make ourselves look good. Two parts.
  8. Untitled. A skit about the fears and struggles we all have with financial security. Multiple parts.
  9. "Fear of Flying." For some, risk is exhilarating. For others, it's terrifying. Three parts.
  10. Untitled. Ninety percent of all families are dysfunctional. The other ten are lying. Humorous skit with four parts. Features Frank and Gloria.
  11. "The Christian at Prayer." A very intense, very personal monologue about a Christian who is not afraid to show God how angry he is with him. Turned into a four-page comic by a good friend of mine.
  12. Untitled. A monologue, written for Advent, from the point of view of Mary's mother.
  13. "Secret Fears." We all have things we're afraid of - sometimes we even hide them behind jokes. Humorous skit with three parts.